About Me
I'm a PhD candidate in Portuguese and Lusophone studies, with a passing interest in everything else. Current projects centre on the work and thinking of the contemporary Brazilian poet Manoel de Barros with a focus on international contexts and connections. Based at the University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK.

Real, Surreal and Hyperreal in Alex Garland’s The Beach and J.G. Ballard's Crash

An essay which explores the relationships between reality and fiction in two contemporary novels.


Reboot: Welcome to the new site

I’ve been running this site using Wordpress for some time now, and it has been an informative and educational experience. However, I never really managed to make the site feel like anything but any other Wordpress site, no matter what I did to the templates, and the PHP was just too complicated for me to ever get round to learning. So, since I have some free time at the moment, I’m doing some spring cleaning, getting rid of all the out of date content and starting anew with the website, coded from the ground up using Jekyll and Blueprint CSS as a jumping off point to my own creation. Hopefully this will add a great deal of simplicty to the administration of the site, encouraging me to spend more time creating content and less time fiddling with buttons and plugins. I also hope to learn, once and for all, how to properly use HTML and CSS to create decent, consistent layouts. Anyway, back to coding for now, there’s some more tweaking until the site looks exactly how I want it!

Locked In

A story I wrote a couple of years ago about a character who yearns to escape.


Subversion / Reversion

An essay written during my exchange in Oviedo about the creation of a Native American narrative within the traditionally European or Western form of the novel.